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Real Estate builds lives, families, opportunity and an investment in your future. I have passionately worked with thousands of clients over the past 20 years, fulfilling their goals in real estate, from first time homebuyers to investment portfolios, I focus on what the client wants and provide expert advice. I have expanded my services throughout the Washington DC area, Virginia suburbs and Maryland and down to Florida, everyone’s favorite sunshine state. Real estate has become so much more than a business but a conduit to meet so many people, all with different needs, wants and aspirations of location, type of property and price ranges, to what fits in their lives at the moment and their future. Investing in your Life through Real Estate – VA, DC, MD & FL

How did I start in Real Estate? I had a passion to work in my community after volunteering at a homeless shelter in college. After a career in Accounting, I purchased my first home and was inspired to start my real estate business full time in 2002. I have successfully sold over 1,000 homes, $500+ Million in the last 20 years. Awarded year after year, including in the Top 100 Agents in The Wall Street Journal. My experience has spanned more than two decades, with owning a Century 21 Franchise, working with Builders, Developers, Buyers & Sellers and marketing 300+ REO assets for corporate and bank clients.

I contribute to my local community through education with government home buyer programs and as an animal rescue benefactor, to help homeless animals find homes. I also sponsor animal rescue in Honduras. I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and Florida.